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Let’s learn how to hold them.

Of Mice and Men

Kids' Zoo, Chiba Zoological Park

To the mice, you may look as big as King Kong. Be careful not to squeeze her between your gigantic hands, let her come out of the cup slowly by herself. Don't pull her out! When you are kind to her, she will feel comfortable in your hands and move about confidently . This is fun!

Ah~, excuse me.

Your Dad also wants to....

The Kids' Zoo lets all the children have close contact with the animals. They even get a chance to pet them! That must be such an exciting experience. But wait a minute, isn't there an Adults' Zoo too? Your parents also want to pet the animals, you know!

Kids' Zoo, Chiba Zoological Park

Let's visit Futa-kun, the Red Panda!

Look, he's standing on his hind legs, just like in the TV commercial.

Futa the Red Panda, Chiba Zoological Park

This is the same pose that brought fame to both himself and the Chiba Zoo. (I can't tell, but it might be his mate Chi-Chi instead...) These Red Pandas have brought a lot of publicity to the Chiba Zoo.

Their new house was built and recently opened. So many people were lined up to see their baby cubs that I couldn't even get close.

Wow, I can almost reach him.

How long have you been here, and how long are you going to stay?

I was so surprised. The Elephant Tortoise is right there in front of us, so close that we can almost kiss him.

Monsieur Parrot is his roommate.
"Hello, Hello, How are you?"

Elephant Tortoise, Chiba Zoological Park

I'm so proud to show my big horns.

We are one of the ancestors for all modern domestic sheep breeds.

Mouflon, Chiba Zoological Park Jack the Lizard

The Mouflon are a very quiet breed of animal. Come closer and look carefully. These pure-bred animals are very rare on the planet Earth. They are actually one of the endangered species.

Are you watching him? No, he is watching you!

The Orang-utan is a Human observer.

The Orang-utans like to watch Humans, but only if human are not watching them. Let's pretend that we are not interested in them at all. Do you feel that they are watching us now?

Orangutan, Chiba Zoological Park