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Stop Overfishing


Global fisheries catch so many fish over past decades to meet a demand from the consumers all over the world. As the result the global catch is declining every year. Not only the amount of fish is decreased but also the size of fish is getting smaller and smaller. Our appetite cannot wait for fish to grow. Although some country such as Norway has the strict regulation for sustainable fisheries, most countries do not have effective rules to stop overfishing.

Catching large mature fish means that the population of reproductive fish is decimated. No parents no kids. Only juvenile fish remain in the ocean, but those are also verge of termination because fisher men has no choice but catching them.

Stop Overfishing

Past few decades not only a demand for fish increases but also vessels for fishing are larger and fishing tools such as sonar to find school of fish are sophisticated as well. On the other hand fishermen work longer than before, because it is difficult for them to find fish and harvest proper amount of fish to gain their profit.

Farming is not answer either, because the huge amount of small fish from wild are needed anyway to feed species such as carp, salmon, tilapia, and catfish in fish farming. Only solution is limiting catch until fish stocks bounce back to optimum level. Whereas fish would never back to sustainable level and eventually disappear, if remaining population was too low.