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Gorilla Kingdom, London Zoo
Look at the huge Gorilla Kingdom!

Western Lowland Gorilla, London Zoo Mjukuu tried to get attention from Bobby. Western Lowland Gorilla, London Zoo Bobby of glorious memory Western Lowland Gorilla, London Zoo Zaire is quiet. She knows how to entertain herself.
Western Lowland Gorilla, London Zoo It seemed Bobby liked her though.

Giraffe, London Zoo "I smell something sweet from this bamboo." Giraffe, London Zoo Giraffes have seven neckbones in their neck just as humans and most other mammals do. But each bone is really long! Okapi, London Zoo Okapi kept looking at me. I moved to right, then to left, but he kept looking at me.

Squirrel monkey, London Zoo "Meet the Monkey" Zone. You see the The Squirrel monkeys right in front of you. Let's take a picture. Squirrel monkey, London Zoo
Squirrel monkey, London Zoo Chasing to each other. They are so active.   Squirrel monkey, London Zoo "What are in the bucket?"

Komodo Dragon, London Zoo Raja the Komodo Dragon   Komodo Dragon, London Zoo He likes to stay on the rock on sunny days.   Bearded Pig, London Zoo Bearded Pig. Once a year, Bearded pigs form a big group to migrate for new food supplies at night. They move more than hundreds kilometres.

Jungle Nymph, London Zoo Jungle Nymph   Mediterranean Spur-thighed Tortoise, London Zoo Mediterranean Spur-thighed Tortoise   Red-knee Spieder, London Zoo Red-knee Spider   Ganggai Cardinal Fish, London Zoo Ganggai Cardinal Fish

Southern Rockhopper Penguin, London Zoo Southern Rockhopper Penguin   Oriental Amall-clawed Otter, London Zoo
Oriental Small-clawed Otter
  Tow-toed Sloth, London Zoo Tow-toed Sloth. They are good swimmers. Their strong legs move like propeller. They spend hanging down from tree branches most of the day.