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Bees for everybody

The Greater Honey guide and ratel Next

The Greater Honey guide, about 20 cm (8 in) long, is found in sub-Saharan Africa. This bird eats bee eggs, larvae, beeswax and waxworms which are the parasites of bee colonies. To make it simple, the Greater Honey guide leads humans and other mammals to bee's nest.

Ratel and the Greater Honey guide Next

The ratel loves beehives and follows the bird. The sting of the bee cannot penetrate the skin of the ratel. The Greater Honey bird and the ratel share the rewards.

Ratel, the Grater Honey bee and the European Bee-eater Next

The misfortune of bees does not stop here. The European Bee-eater raids bees themselves. Although this is not a large bird, about 27~29 cm (10~11 in) long, it also eats wasps and hornets. The family of bee-eater has brilliant feather. The European Bee-eater has it too. The turquoise blue is on its body and brown or orange is on the upper part of the wings. While the beak is black, under part of the head is yellow.

The European Bee-eater Next

After catching a bee, bee-eater beat the prey repeatedly against branches to pull the sting and squeeze the venom out.

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