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Tree-kangaroo, Zoorasia I am a Tree-kangaroo.
Tree-kangaroo, Zoorasia I came down from the tree
Tree-kangaroo, Zoorasia because the grass look very tasty.
Tree-kangaroo, Zoorasia Yah, it's good!
Sumatran Tiger, Zoorasia Hi, there.
Sumatran Tiger, Zoorasia How are you, guys?
Sumatran Tiger, Zoorasia My strip make me blend in the bush or forest.
Sumatran Tiger, Zoorasia Here I come. Take a cool photo of mine.
Penguins, Zoorasia Swimming is fun.
Penguins, Zoorasia Dive in!
Penguins, Zoorasia We can move freely in water.
Penguins, Zoorasia Don't we look as if we are flying the sky?

Polar Bear, Zoorasia After a gorgeous snooze, Polar Bear, Zoorasia let's take a walk. Polar Bear, Zoorasia What a nice day!

Elephant, Zoorasia
Thank you for such a lot of fresh grass. I tossed them up on to my back.
Elephant, Zoorasia This stone is very convenient Elephant, Zoorasia to scratch my sole.
Elephant, Zoorasia
We are a good family.

Elephant, Zoorasia
Can you guess what we are good at? Calligraphy!